Tired of living in a multi-family home?

It’s been a crazy couple of years and we could all probably use a little peace and quiet from the neighbors next door. That’s understandable.

If moving isn’t the right option… but more peace and quiet from the neighbors is the top priority, here are some things to consider trying…

  • Speak to Your Neighbors — The first thing that should be done is to speak to the neighbors. Tell them that what they’re doing is disturbing you and ask them to stop. Most reasonable people will be more considerate after just a single visit.
  • Install Soundproofing — If the noise is less due to inconsiderate neighbors and more due to thin walls, it might help to consider soundproofing some of the windows and doors. It’s not ideal, but it can help.
  • Document What’s Happening — If it becomes evident that eviction is going to be necessary, then document what the tenants are doing. Take a video recording on your phone to capture the noise/disturbances they’re making. Also, take note of when they were asked to be quieter.
  • Consider Eviction — If you own the property, then you might consider evicting the tenants. That’s not ideal but it’s certainly an option. Just make sure you do so properly in accordance with your county’s laws!

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