Planning to move to a new city but not sure if it’s going to be a fit for you and/or your family?

It can be really challenging to move sight unseen — it’s in the real estate agent’s best interest to convince you to move and buy a house… so they’re going to make everything seem like it’s great even if it isn’t.

So what should you consider before you move somewhere new?

Here are some questions to ask!

  • What Are The Main Industries? — Ideally, the city will have multiple industries that support its economy. It’s also important to ask this question so that you have an idea of where you might be able to find a job.
  • Is The City Walkable? — Cities with good sidewalks and bike lanes keep residents happy and healthy. If outdoor activity is important to you, then check out to determine how walkable the city is.
  • What Are The Best Neighborhoods? — Obviously, not all parts of a city are equal. Some areas are nicer than others, some are more or less expensive. Be sure to have a good understanding of the neighborhoods and exactly where you want to live!
  • What’s The Cost of Living? — This is one of the most important things to consider when moving to a new city. How much is housing? How much are groceries? How much is gas? Do those numbers line up with your income?
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